Attention: Your Search For Unique and Effective LinkedIn Marketing Tips are Over

Attention: Your Search For Unique and Effective #Linkedin Marketing Tips are Over - #socialmedia

Note - Trust me, if you're looking to start marketing in Linkedin, you'll love reading this article.

Roughly 300 million users -That’s about all the reason you’ll need to start marketing in Linkedin.

Considering how its users are professionals and business owners, it isn’t just a good idea to market your business in this platform, it’s common sense.

Convince these people that your products can solve their problem, and you’ll surely have buying customers. And if they don’t buy but they see the value that you can bring on the table, you’ll surely get referrals.

Either way, it’s a win-win-situation for you. That’s why Linkedin is such an awesome platform to market your business on.

Now that you know how valuable Linkedin can be in growing your business, allow me to share with you these highly actionable and effective tips on how to market in this platform.

Add banners or coupons on your profile’s custom background

You’ll notice that most of the custom profile background that premium users add on their page is either (a) a random good looking image, (b) their company logo, or (c) the same header image that they have on their website.

While doing that is OK, it’s important to know that there are other things that they can add on their profile’s background to get them better marketing results.

What other things am I talking about?

1.) Special offers.

2.) Featured customers.

3.) Promo codes.

4.) Theme based monthly activities.

5.) Upcoming events.

And so much more...

Adding these on your profile will make the event a lot more noticeable.

Not only is it going to look refreshing and help you with your profile’s aesthetics, it can help convey a strong message to your viewers in a matter of seconds.

A custom background that has pumpkins and witches in it will tell the viewers in a whim that something halloween related is happening within your company. The texts and figures is a huge plus to give a definite explanation on what exactly is happening.

Considering how most Linkedin users are always in a hurry because they are busy with their career, you being able to convey a message in a matter of seconds can spell the difference between having a new customer, or simply being ignored.

* Tip - You can craft a theme based background for everyone in your company and have each employee (that has a premium Linkedin profile) post it in their profile’s background.

This tip will help you capitalize on the monthly views that each of your employees get in their Linkedin profile.

With this method, you’ll get thousands of impressions without paying anything (except for the banner of course :) ).

Tell the publishers that you shared their post.

The idea here is to tell the publisher how you genuinely appreciate the ideas that he shared in his post. That is of course, if you truly appreciated it.

Being sincere is the key here. If you seriously didn’t find any sort of value on what the publisher wrote, then don’t bother sending him a message. Trust me, they’ll know if you’re lying and something like this can be quite damaging to your reputation.

But… If you did in fact find value on what the publisher wrote, then do share it to your community (even on your other social media profiles) and tell them about it.

This makes the publisher feel appreciated and important. The feeling of being appreciated can be a powerful stepping stone for you to establish relationships.

Of course, you need to add a signature in your message too. And you’ll do that for the exact same reasons that I shared above.

* Trivia - Linkedin doesn’t have a feature telling you who shared your long form posts.

The only way you can tell who shared your post is if you keep on scrolling on your homepage to see who’s actually shared it. If you’re like me, then you probably get TONS of feeds every minute. This makes it almost impossible for you to see who’s shared your post without wasting countless hours!

If you’re banking on the idea that the publisher will connect with you because you shared their post, then you’re in for a surprise - you’ll never see that happen unless you tell them.

Tell the publishers that you shared their post. #linkedin #socialmedia

Comment on long form posts AND leave a signature (emphasis on the signature)

I’ll be honest, I’m an advocate of comment marketing. Simply because I know this marketing method works. My proof of that is the article that I’m currently working on for one of my clients.

My client reached me through a comment that I made on one of Neil Patel’s articles in Quicksprout.

They found value on what I said and decided to have me work on their writing projects.

All because I left a meaningful comment.

When doing comment marketing, an important point to remember is to ALWAYS leave a signature whenever you can. Here’s how mine looks like.

Jimmy Rodela
Freelance Writer

Notice how it’s very plain and simple? You need to make sure that your signature is as clear and as clutter free as possible so your viewers won’t get distracted.

That way, after the viewers read your expert advice (through your comment), they will then see the kind of services that you’re offering in your signature (in my case, that would be Freelance Writing). Of course, if they’re currently looking for someone who can help them with their writing projects, there’s no reason why they won’t contact you if you’ve impressed them with your insightful comment.

Let’s share notes!

It’s high time you start sharing your ideas.

I’d love to learn from you. If you have other Linkedin marketing tips that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section below.

However, I urge you to share ONLY unique tips. I’ve scoured the web for resources and additional tips to add on the things I listed above. Sadly, everything I’ve seen is pretty much the same so I decided not to include them.

If you’re looking for more unique and high actionable Linkedin marketing tips (just like the ones I shared above) then you can check out my personal blog. I’m currently working on something that’s more comprehensive where I’ll add my complete list of Linkedin marketing tips. It should be up in a couple of days.

Top image credit: Steve Kovach, Business Insider.
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