Profiling Google+ Users - #infographic

Everything you need to know about Google+ Users - #infographic

A recent research of 42,389 adults aged 16-64 in 32 countries revealed that Google+ users are steadily growing in numbers.

The study from globalwebindex shows that 1 in 5 online adults actively use Google+ each month, and 5 in 10 users have clicked the +1 button in the last month.

Google+ users are highly educated: 3 in 5 active users have a university or postgrad degree vs 2 in 5 among all internet users.

Google+ users are likely to use other social media sites too: 73 percent plussers actively use Facebook, 50 percent YouTube, and 48 percent Twitter.

Google+ users are brand and fashion conscious: 30 percent more likely than average to describe themselves as brand conscious, while half want to keep up with the latest fashions and stand out in the crowd.

1 in 2 Google+ users are adventurous: 77 percent always like to try new products.

Take a look at this infographic for more latest GooglePlus statistics.

how To know Google+ users

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