The Small Business Guide To LinkedIn Marketing - #infographic

The Small Business Guide To LinkedIn Marketing - #infographic

With over 300 million active users, LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform in the world. However, many companies and brands aren't using LinkedIn to its full potential. Follow this handy interactive guide created by simplybusiness and make LinkedIn an effective part of your social media marketing strategy.

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The Small Business Guide To LinkedIn Marketing - #infographic

Do you know why your business should be on LinkedIn?
4 compelling reasons:

Do you know how LinkedIn can benefit your business?
Driving website traffic:
Generating leads:

Have you created a LinkedIn page for your business?
Create one now:

Need some inspiration for your company page?
See some great examples:

Have you optimised your LinkedIn page?
Optimize in 7 steps:

Have you added a LinkedIn button to your website?
Use these plugins:

Do you have a plan for your LinkedIn activity?
6 step plan:

Do you know how to measure your efforts?
Using LinkedIn analytics:

Do you know what to focus on?
Focus on insights:
Key metrics:

Are people engaging with you on LinkedIn?
Start conversations:
Boost your engagement:
What to post and when:

Do you know what’s trending on LinkedIn?
Trending content tool:

Are you utilising LinkedIn groups?
20 groups to consider:

Have you considered starting your own group?
Start your own group:
Make the most of groups:

Do you know how to use LinkedIn for lead generation?
10 ways to generate leads:

Are you building your brand on LinkedIn?
5 branding tips:

Do you know how to use LinkedIn for recruitment?
7 tips for recruitment:

Are you good at writing job adverts?
5 tips to improve your ads:

Are you using Showcase Pages?
Guide to Showcase Pages:

Are you targeting your audience with sponsored updates?
4 reasons to use them:
Sponsored updates guide:

Do you know how to advertise on LinkedIn?
Beginner’s guide:
Make your ads work:

Are you making the most of your LinkedIn company page?
Creative uses of pages:

Are you making the most of LinkedIn’s content tools?
Using the tools:
What they mean:

Have you considered upgrading your account to Premium?
3 benefits to consider:

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