Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram - Perfecting Your Social Media Profiles - #infographic

The elements of great social media profile #infographic #socialmedia

"These days, your social profile is like your second face. It’s the identity tag for everything you do and everyone you encounter in the online world. Whether you’re trying to run a business, plan an event, promote a passion project, or just make friends, a finely-tuned social profile is the cornerstone of this endeavor."

So the big question is what are the elements of a perfect social media profile?

To give you the answer, tollfreeforwarding created an infographic that will serve as your guide to perfecting your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Instagram profile.
Here are some key highlights:

How to Make a Great Google+ Profile.

Profile name: Pick a profile name as close to your business or website name as possible. When you have at least 10 followers, you'll be able to create a custom URL based on your profile name.

Profile Picture: Your profile picture will show across the web, so be sure it;s professional and recognizable! Perfect image size: 250 x 250 px.

Cover Photo: Perfect size for Google+ header is up to 2120 x 1192 px. Take advantage of the large space! Choose picture that relates to your business or your industry. You can even use animated GIFs as a cover photo.

People: Be sure to enable "show people who have added you to their circles", which will impress people who visit your page.

Occupation: Keep it short - a sentence or two about what you do and where you work.
Skills: Don;t be shy! Everything you are good at (or want to be seen as good at) should be listed here. Use at least 5 strong keywords.
Employment: Highlight your career history, providing 2-3 sentences per job.

Education: Listing your education will further highlight your history, and allow Google+ to search for more people you may know.

Contact Info: Always include contact information! Even if it's only an email address, list the source you check most frequently so people can contact you easily.

Tagline: Use 10 words or less to describe yourself, and include keywords!
Introduction: You can be as brief or lengthy as you like, but you want to make sure your introduction is engaging and lets people know what you're about.

Bragging rights: Exactly what the title says: Got something to brag about? Include it here as text or links.

Places: Listing your zip code will include a map of where you're located - and where you've been - on your page. While not a necessity for a strong Google+ profile, the more information you've, the more valid your profile will appear.

Basic info: Most of this will be auto filled when you create your account, but you can choose how much personal information you want to display to your circles.

Other profiles: Got any other profiles? Blogs Websites? Add them to improve your visibility across multiple platforms.

Contributor to: Any other site or blog your write for should be linked to their "about me" page here to authenticate your authorship. Links: These can include recent blog posts, featured publications, whatever you think represents you well. Show them off!

How to Make a Perfect Social Media Profile: An Illustrated Guide #infographic #socialmedia
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