The State of Influencer Marketing 2014 - #infographic

The State of Influencer #Marketing 2014 - #infographic #socialmedia

The teams at Voicepolls and loot-app conducted a survey on what makes word of mouth and influencer marketing so effective, here are some most important findings from their study.

78 percent respondents said that "friends recommendation" is most effective at influencing them to make a purchase.
17 percent tell their friends on Facebook about a brand they like.
3 out of 5 wish they could play a bigger part in promoting a brand they really love!
80 percent of customers think brands should use more user generated content in their advertising.

This infographic looks at why do people listen to a friends product recommendations? Which social media platform leads people to make a purchase most frequently? And more.
The State of Influencer Marketing 2014 - #infographic
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