Search and Social Media Advertising Trends: Q2 2014 - #infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Search Marketing and Social Ad Snapshot: Q2 2014

Ad spend grows for search and social media in Q2 2014, with both channels delivering profit as revenue growth outpaces budget increases, found new research from Kenshoo (a digital marketing company).

The company analyzed the growth of money spent on social media and search advertising, finding that there was a 51 percent year-over-year (YoY) rise in social ad spend in Q2, 2014 (and 21% quarter-over-quarter).

The study also found that, Marketers continue to see efficiency within their search campaigns as clicks grow at a faster rate than impressions, driving an all-time high click-through rate. Social performance is spikier due to the number of new entrants in the channel and introduction of new ad formats and targeting options.

This infographic looks at social media and search advertising trends for Q2 2014.

Search and Social Media Advertising Trends: Q2 2014 - #infographic

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