How To Capture A Millennial Audience - #infographic

Capturing the Attention of Millennials #contentmarketing

How you can capture the generation that will soon have the highest purchasing power in history — the millennial audience?

Wideo created a new infographic that reveals the science behind reaching and engaging millennials.

Here are some key stats from the research:

9 in 10 millennials (19 - 36 years old) use social media sites.
8 in 10 post their photos on the Internet.
Facebook and Instagram are the most popular apps for this generation.
1 in 3 Pinterest users is a female Millennial.

Scroll down to see how you can engage Millennials with visuals content.

How to Capture the Rising Millennial Market

The Science Behind Reaching Millennials (Infographic)

Top photo credit: waagsociety/flickr
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