Innovative Ways To Boost Social Signals - #infographic

How To Boost Your Social Signals - #infographic

Whether you hate or love social media, you've no choice but to leverage it. Why? Because search engines use signals from GooglePlus, Twitter and other social networks* to determine how high a website will rank in search results.

To elaborate this in detail Indian-SEO-Company created an infographic that shows what is social signal and how it can influence SEO?

And perhaps more important the visual explains some innovative ways to boost your site's social signals. Take a look at few of them.

  • Open your brand account in every important social media site such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • You must remain active on those social networking sites. Post, tweet, Plus and comment regularly to engage with the people and pages who share your interest.
  • Produce quality content that will inform, inspire and entertain your audience.
  • Embed social sharing buttons on your website and blog. Each share is considered as a recommendation by search engines.

How To Boost Your Social Signals - #infographic

* UPDATE: Thanks to +Eric Enge and +Jinnat Ul Hasan for guiding that search engines do not count social signal as a ranking factor.

Here's Eric Enge's comment:

"It's not true, search engines do not use social signals in ranking, other than Google+ being used for personalized search only.

This study proves that they don't use G+ for non-personalized results:

This study shows that they don't use Facebook: (special note, they can't even see Likes).

This study shows that they don't use Twitter:

People should stop spreading this mis-information, as it causes people to invest in things believing that their SEO will soar as a result."

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