Google in Real Time: How the Internet’s Biggest Company Grows Every Second We're Online - #infographic

Google in Real Time: How the Web’s Largest Company Grows Every Second We're Online - infographic
Did you know that in ONE second you've been on this page, Google has earned $1991 dollars.

What if I told you on average 4544 Google searches are made and 84612 YouTube videos are viewed each second.

A new interactive data visualization from Buddy Loans shows that the majority of Google's revenue comes from its advertising programs (Like AdSense and AdWords).

Take a look at this infographic called Google in Real Time, to know more about how the internet's biggest tech company grows every second we're online.
How Does Google Make Its Money? - infographic
Here's the static version of the GIF with more amazing Google statistics and facts.
fascinating Googleplus and Google stats, you should know about. How Fast Google Make the Big Bucks? An Infographic Answer

What happens in just ONE minute in Google World

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