A Breakdown Of Pinterest Users - infographic

A Breakdown Of Pinterest Users - infographic

Pinterest users have 9 percent higher income than nonusers, wielding more purchasing power. Though they have more money, but Pinterest users are web-centric and harder to reach through traditional advertising, a new study from Adweek reveals.

Adweek has shared the following graphic that challenges a lot of the assumptions marketers tend to make about the visual search engine - Pinterest.

Some key statistics from visual:

  • 43 percent use Pinterest to replace reading magazines, while 42 percent replaced other social media sites with Pinterest.
  • 64 percent of daily Pinterest users try a new Pinterest-inspired activity at least once a month.
  • 75 percent of Pinterest's user activity is mobile, while 30 percent of these users were using the app in-store to guide their purchase.
  • Pinterest users are more open to brand marketing on the site than you might expect, e.g: 83 percent said they would rather follow a favorite brand than a favorite celebrity.
  • 73 percent of active users are neutral to positive about Promoted Pins.
  • Male Pinterest users are 14 percent more likely to be single and living alone, and are 16 percent more likely to be a homeowner and they are 20 percent more likely than women to buy something after spotting it on the social network.
A Breakdown Of Pinterest Users - infographic

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