Digital Demise: What Happens To Your Social Media Accounts When You Die? - #infographic

Digital Demise: What Happens To Your Online Profiles When You Die? infographic

Ever wondered what happens to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn profile when your die? Then wonder no more.
The folks at WebpageFX created an infographic answering what exactly happens to your social media accounts when you die, who can view your email or log into your online profiles?, etc.
A key takeaway is: In most cases, your privacy is protected even after your death. Your data cannot be accessed unless a legal order is obtained, or you authorize access to your passing.
Even if you are in good health or young, it may not be a bad idea to make a plan for your data, in the event of your unexpected passing. Think about who you would like to have access to your email, social media accounts, or other online information. Set up the Google Inactive Account manager, or spend a few minutes reading about Facebook memorialization. Although death is a subject that no one wants to think about, if you make a plan for your data, it may be able to give your family some closure after your passing.

What Happens to Your Social Media Life When You Die?

Top image credit: gettyimages.
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