What Will The Internet Look Like In 100 Years - infographic

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Internet

We can't predict the future with 100 percent accuracy, whether it is 10 years from now or 100 years from now, but we can look at where today's technology is headed for a glimpse of what Internet may be like in the future. At the pace things are moving, it's possible some of us may even be here to see it turn into reality!
This infographic from whoishostingthis team takes a closer look at what will the internet technology look like in the near future.
Key highlights from visual:
In 100 years, it's highly likely something new and more involved will replace the internet. Everyone on the planet will be networked. Homes, cars, businesses, even our bodies will be instrumented and monitored. Augmented reality will become normal. Real time language translation will be available for use in face-to-face and conferenced conversation.
Some speculate that humans will be able to communicate thought transmission, others speculate we'll all be wired into computers to make our brains work faster and better.
What Will The Internet Look Like In 100 Years - infographic
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