How To Use Twitter For Your Business - infographic

How To Use #Twitter For Your Business - #infographic #socialmedia
"I don't understand how to use Twitter for my business".
The folks at Twitter have heard this from many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), so to help address this question, Twitter team turned to a variety of digitally savvy businesses that use Twitter for marketing, and asked them to share the value they see from using Twitter as a business tool. Here are some secrets to their success so that you can test them out for your brand.

Some key stats from visual:
68 percent businesses feel Twitter is important to their marketing strategy.
74 percent SMBs use Twitter to drive traffic to their website.
89 percent of who have tried advertising on Twitter said that it was successful with 2/3 finding it very successful.

See this infographic for more.
How To Use #Twitter For Your Business - #infographic #socialmedia
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