5 Step Plan for Personal Content Delivery - infographic

5 Step Plan for Personal Content Delivery - #infographic #contentmarketing - Millennials Check Their Phones 43 Times a Day. This Is What They're Looking For. (Infographic)

Content is king. But unless publishing is your core business, churning out mountains of content is simply not sustainable. Fortunately, recent SDL research on global Millennials reveals that volume doesn't matter. What does matter is creating the right content for the right audience, and then delivering it consistently wherever that audience prefers. Your content needs to find the customers – don't make them search.
To ensure your content hits the target, put this 5-steps action plan to work.

1. Understand behaviors of the "always connected".
2. Prioritize smart social media.
3. Make it relevant.
4. Make your content share-worthy and easily shareable.
5. Follow through to earn the relationship.

There's more in the full infgraphic (below). Take a look:

Five Step Plan for Personal Content Delivery - #infographic #contentmarketing #contentstrategy

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