The Great Divide in Content Marketing - infographic

The Great Divide in #ContentMarketing - #infographic
"Embraced by brands and marketing professionals around the world, content marketing continues to capture budget and priority in the marketing mix. But there's a startling contrast in the motivations behind content marketing and the actual results."

Studies shows that interesting content is a top reason why people follow brands on social media but only 1 in 5 readers will get past your headline to read written content in full.

54 percent of marketers choose Facebook when asked o choose a single content marketing channel, but only 43 percent believe their efforts are effective.

92 percent of marketers state that social media is important for their business but only 1 in 3 believe they can measure return-on-investment on their social activities.

This infographic from onespot looks at how the actual results of content marketing don't always line up with what content marketers expecting from their efforts – and proposes a few tips to close that gap.

The Great Divide in #ContentMarketing - #infographic

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