If GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Played the Game of Thrones - #infographic

Since King Robert Baratheon's death, Petyr Baelish has quietly been laying plans to change the game and claim the throne. Like Google+, Baelish is sometimes overlooked during discussions of major players, but his vast connections and skillful maneuvers make his ascension to power appear inevitable.
What if social media sites played the Game of Thrones, which families or characters would they be?

In honor of the final episode of Season 4, the folks at Marketo have designed this terrific infographic, comparing major social networking sites to the season's various factions.

A key highlight:
"The Stark children are learning tat they have abilities that allow them to be uniquely connected with the world, much in the same way that Twitter has allowed people across the world to be connected. The Starks know things before they happen, can see events from very far away and can even see through the eyes of their dire wolves. They are connected to people across all of the Westeros in an almost instantaneous way, rather than waiting for news to get them by messenger.
Similarly, Twitter users are able to consume information quickly as stories unfold. 52 percent of Twitter users consumer news through the site, rather than through traditional media."
Social is Coming: If Googleplus, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram Played the Game of Thrones #Infographic #socialmedia

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