Digital Influencer Marketing for Brands - infographic

Digital Influencer Marketing for Brands - infographic

Did you know that 65 percent of brands participate in digital influencer marketing?

"Digital influencers are leaders within their communities, with powerful social networks and industry-wide credibility. That means they can be a critical part of your marketing strategy. If you're a brand looking to connect with one, you're in the right place."

This infographic from marketo team takes a closer look at how to connect your brand with social media influencers and how to partner with a digital influence.

Perhaps more important, the infgraphic explains some strategies to target relevant influencer using digital analyst Brain Solis' three R's:

Reach: Note an influencer's popularity or number of followers on social networks. How far will the information he or she disseminates go, and which particular audiences will he or she reach?
Relevance: Examine an influencer's expertise and the types of social communities this influencers is a part of. How does his or her expertise align with your own positioning?
Resonance: Observe the typical duration, rate, and level of interactivity around an influencer's content or conversations. How long do his or her posts stay alive in social streams?

There's more in the full visual. Take a look.

This infographic explores how to partner with influencers the right way and lists some of the worlds top digital marketing influencers.

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