Influencing Consumers Through Social Media Competitions 2014 - infographic

Influencing Customers through Social Media Contests 2014 - infographic
Competitions have long been a popular method of marketing a brand, whether online or through traditional channels. However, social media marketers’ views differ on the value of running these promotions. Social media competitions often involve people ‘Liking’ or ‘following’ a brand for their entry to be qualified, which increases the fan or follower base. Additionally, participants may be required to respond to a question, come up with a creative comment or share branded content. This increases engagement and reach levels for a brand’s social media profile. Some marketers argue that the increases are temporary and competitions only attract "compers" (people who regularly participate in online competitions marketed by companies), who are perceived not to be genuine fans, as they are only there for the ‘freebies’.
On the other hand, another school of marketers believes in the potential value of competitions and compers, who can be transformed into customers and eventually, brand advocates. Ultimately, the question is whether there is any real value for brands to run competitions on social media. To separate facts from assumptions, TAMBA conducted an online survey amongst 896 people who have regularly enter competitions. ‘The assumption some promoters make that people who enter competitions regularly are not potential customers.’ – Anonymous respondent on frustration with how competition. entrants are perceived.
Take a look at this infographic highlighting the impact of social media competitions on consumers.
Tthe impact of #socialmedia competitions on consumers - #infographic
Excerpt taken from tamba whitepaper.
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