Social Media Active User Comparison May 2014 – infographic

Social Media Monthly Active Users (MAUs) Comparison May 2014 – infographic

Are you planning your social media marketing strategy for 2014? And wondering which social network is right for you?
Understanding "where your audience is" is a building block of social media strategy, that can decide whether your marketing efforts are going to be a successful venture or a waste of time.
So whenever possible, it's a good practice to base your social media choices on data. And to help you out the good folks at leveragenewagemedia created a handy infographic, which gives a clear picture of the key stats for Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, and how to best leverage each platform.

#SocialMedia Comparison 2014 - #Infographic

Social media mobile image credit: Jason A. Howie via Flickr.
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