How to Create a Social Media Marketing Funnel - infographic

How to Create an Effective and Rocking #SocialMedia Marketing Funnel - #infographic
Want to know, how to build a social media marketing funnel? And how to use social and email to turn your existing customers into great advocates and sales people.
The below infographic from quicksprout presents a simple approach on how to generate sales through social media by choosing the best platforms and measuring its impact.
A key things to remember about social media is that:
Usually, when users come to your website from Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, they don’t buy right away. But they do come back to your website within a week or a month if they liked what they saw there. That’s when they are more likely to make the purchase, says Neil Patel.
See this graphic for more:
How to Build a #SocialMedia #Marketing Funnel and Turn Visitors Into Leads - #infographic

Top image credit: uberflip.
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