How we Use Social Media in Natural Disasters - infographic

how does social media impact weather warnings - infographic
Million of people use social networking sites every day, to talk with friend and family, to promote their business, to meet like-minded people, to play games, to get latest news, and to organize events. Over the years, we've also seen an increase in the social media in the wake of natural disasters, from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to more recent events as the typhoon that hit the Philippines or the Japanese tsunami and Hurricane Sandy. Just how does social media help?
This infographic from our pals at  WhoIsHostingThis visualized the social media's impact on natural disasters.
Some key stats from visual:
People often use social media to alert their friends and family that are safe. Nearly 25 percent of the general public and nearly 33 percent of the online population use social networks to notify family and friends about their safety. They may also use it to provide current status info, or offer help to those in need.
Social Media’s Impact On Natural Disasters [INFOGRAPHIC]
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