Pinterest Sells! Here's How to Do It - infographic

Pinterest Sells! Here's How to Do It - infographic
With more than 70 Million monthly active users Pinterest is one of the most used social media sites on the globe, where 80 percent of Pins are reshared (Repin) proving that the social network can be a great tool for business marketers.
Pinterest can be a powerful, fun and creative way of marketing yourself or your business, but if you're new to the social media it can be a little difficult. Here are some tips to use Pinterest like a Pro.

Perfect your profile:

Fill out the "About" box and give visitors a brief description of yourself or your business.
Upload a high-quality profile photo, preferably a head shot, or your company logo and include a link to your website.

Start sharing content:
The more photos and infographic you share, the more you will get your name out there. But make sure to only pin things that interest your followers and represent your brand.
Note that your details are displayed below each pin, allowing Pinterest users to see who you are and have access to your boards.
Pinninig visually appealing content can catch the attention of more people and lead to more followers.

Be Active:
Go to the Popular feed and comment on the most popular pins (max 3 times a day). Remember, don't just comment on random pins, make sure it is something you know about.
Avoid brief comments like Great post, or nice pin. You comment should show people you understand and care about the subject.

Promote your boards:
Make sure your most popular boards are on the top row so people and your followers can easily see them. Create group boards, invite followers to contribute to your boards.
Allowing other to pin to your boards will keep them fresh, plus your boards will be displayed on your contributors profile as well.

Pinterest Sells! Here’s How to Do It - infographic

"Long-format images, mason jars, and cupcakes. This is the place to teach and to sell. Bonus points for anything bridal". Gary Vaynerchuk.
This visual shows how to produce content for Pinterest.

Go forth and Pin - Pinterest is all about users telling brand story:

This infographic from curalate how users are driving the conversation on Pinterest and how companies can boost audience engagement.

Top image: designerfund
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