The Importance of Visual Content in Marketing - infographic

The importance of visual content in marketing (Infographic)
Did you know that 50 milliseconds is the average time it takes a new visitor to form a first impression on a website, while in next 2.6 seconds visitor decide if a site is Good or bad, and that the next 10 seconds is the average time a visitor will decide whether to stay on site or not.
What if I told you that first impressions are 94 percent based on website design and that users who stay 30 seconds on a web page are likely to keep clicking links.
In addition, visual content like infographics drive 84 percent more views and 94 percent more clicks, while conversation rates for companies using custom visual content are 7 times higher and 8 out of 10 marketing officers report content is the future of marketing.
There are thousands, if not more, facts and figures that sing the praises of using visual content in your marketing strategy. Bandwagoncreative's infographic took a closer look at why visual content is important.

The importance of visual content in marketing (Infographic)

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