The Perks of Being an Intern in a Tech Company - infographic

The Perks of Being an Intern in a Tech Company - infographic
Did you know, if you intern for a high-profile tech company like Cisco, Amazon or Intel, you can make more money than the average American citizen.
Historically, interns may have been thoughts of as free coffee runners. But in modern technology era leading innovators recognize interns as the future of their companies.
A study of former and current interns at the world's largest tech companies by GlassDoor shows that companies treat interns even better than full time employees.
For example: Google takes a hand-on approach to its interns, giving them the opportunity to work on innovative technologies and build products. Google even provides its interns with a free place to live at an apartment complex in North San Jose, CA where they enjoy swimming, tennis, on-site gym, a gaming room and a 23-seat movie theater.
For a closer look at what it means to be an intern with some major tech giants, take a peek at this infographic which comes courtesy of whoishostingthis blog.

Do Interns Secretly Run the World’s Largest Tech Companies - infographic

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