Weird Habits Of Americans: When Mobiles Are More Important Than Sex - infographic

Comparison of Americans’ Weird Habits: Smartphones Are More Important Than Sex And Waffles Measure Storm Severity - infographic
Till even a decade ago, the smartphone was an item of luxury – possessed by few, and coveted by many. Today, 10 years down the line, everyone has a smartphone in their hands. The usage of smart devices has also shifted drastically from basic activities such as calling to advanced technological innovations, but on the other hand, it is also changing our behavior in extremely awkward and strange ways.
According to a recent study, Americans can't live without cellphone more than without sex, 44 percent U.S cellphone owners sleep with their phone, while 67 percent check their phone even if it's not ringing or vibrating.
Take a peek at this infographic from financesonline visualizing the comparison of Americans’ weird social habits.
Smartphone or Sex: Which Would You Rather Give Up? (Infographic)
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