2014 Consumer Social Sharing Trends: Twitter Surges in Q1 Outpacing all Other Social Channels - infographic

The 2014's consumer social sharing trends are here, the 1st quarter of 2014 was all about Twitter.

According to ShareThis report, Twitter surges in Q1 outpacing all other social networking sites (with a 43 percent of growth in social sharing). Reddit emerged as the second fastest growing channel (25 percent growth), Facebook saw a 14% rise, LinkedIn 12%, Pinterest 5% while email continues to decline in the first quarter.

Reddit users tend to be below age 30, while Twitter and Pinterest attract a slightly older user base. LinkedIn largely concentrated in mid-career professionals and Facebook is seeing a lot of social activity in a much older age group.

Hispanic sharing grew the most on Twitter while Reddit has impressive growth across the board. Facebook had a flat growth overall and LinkedIn had double growth for Caucasians. Hispanic sharing grew 2x as much on Pinterest than other demographics.

Study also shows that mobile sharing grew 2.6 times more than desktop, plus mobile now accounts for the majority of social actions.

Take a peek at the visual below for more consumer sharing trends.

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