The Future of Mobile - infographic

Infographic: The Future Of Mobile A new infographic designed by telecoms giant Three Mobile suggests the future of mobile is closely than we think. As well as identifying the growth in internet and mobile usage, They also predict that nearly three quarters of cars will be driver less thanks to mobile internet technology.

The infographic indicates the number of UK smartphone owners continues to grow rapidly with 96% of the population expected to own a smartphone by 2017. Globally, the number of internet users will hit over 3 billion by 2016 suggesting smartphone users will make 80% more internet connections by 2025.

In terms of our mobile spending, its estimated half of the transactions we make in 2020 will be made on our smartphones. In addition to this it’s predicted that mobile transactions made in 2017 will total $721 billion, over four times as much than in 2012. As well as using our smartphones for making payments we are also using more apps than ever before with over 81 billion downloads in 2013 with that figure set to grow to over 300 billion in 2016.

Infographic: The Future Of Mobile
image by: istockphoto
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