Secrets of a Killer Blog Post: References

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post: References - infographicWant to know, what are the secrets of "a killer blog post's references"? And why using high-quality, authority sources for your content is critical?

Writing quality content requires much more than a quick Google search. In order to stand out among the top bloggers in your industry you must know how and where to find credible sources.

And to show you how to research for content on the internet and how to properly cite references, the folks at whoishostingthis designed the below infographic, that will help you build authority and turn readers into followers and advocates.

Some key takeaways are:

Research for content - When searching for content make sure you use reliable sources and information. Don't always trust open-sourced sites like Wikipedia. Instead, try dig deeper, there are reliable sources beyond page one of the search engine results. Look to the news websites and industry experts for stories related to your topic, this will give you the hard facts, not opinions.

Consider social media for search - In addition to your usual research tactics consider doing research on social media sites, like Twitter, YouTube, Plancast, StumbleUpon and BuzzSumo.

Cite your sources - An amazing asset of the internet is that many people are willing to share their information, but at a small cost, of course. They are going to at least expect a link back or some kind of attribution. There are copyright laws, but no strict rules about how exactly you should attribute the sources.
Secrets of a Killer Blog Post: References - infographic

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