Short Subject Lines For Sweeter Results: Email Marketing Best Practices For 2014 - infographic

Short Subject Lines and Other Tips for Sweeter Email Results [Infographic]
Did you know that, email with 6 to 10 words subject lines perform the best and generate the highest open rate (i.e 21 percent), while subject lines containing five or fewer words ranked second (with 16 percent).
So if you want your recipients to read your email, limit your subject lines to between 6 to ten words.
According a recent study by mediapost, the new trend of using movie titles and song lyrics in email subjects increased open rates from 16 to 26 percent. While the overall email volume in 2013 rose more than 11 percent over the previous year.
Here's an infographic created by mdgadvertising proposing some practical tips for more effective emails based on key findings from Retention Science and Experian study.

Short Subject Lines For Sweeter Results: Email Marekting Best Pracices For 2014 - infographic

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