How Do People Feel About Mobile Technology - infographic

How Do People Feel About Mobile Technology - infographic
With mobile and internet technology overshadowing a huge number of aspects of our day-to-day lives, people are gradually looking forward to embrace mobile technology as a way of making life easier. Today, mobile technology has an all-immersive reach, and is increasingly being used by people to ease communication processes.

However, not everyone thinks alike, which has given rise to a pretty diverse opinion on the usefulness and capabilities of mobile technology. While it is an undeniable truth that the widespread range and ability of the mobile phone has influenced human behavior and activity to a large extent, the benefits (or the lack thereof) of mobile phones are a widely debatable issue.
From an infographic originally shared on BlogMost, we can get a clear insight into the various opinions people have regarding the use of mobile technology. That mobile phones have been one of the greatest inventions ever is an undisputed truth, as is the inevitability of its usage in today’s highly globalized world. The question that needs to be asked is, how do mobile phone users themselves feel about the overwhelming preponderance of mobile technology?
An undisputed majority of around 73 percent of people believe that the pros of mobile technology weight out its cons, especially because of the ease of access to instant communication it provides, which is a huge benefit, especially when it comes to emergencies. From the vantage point of those who see it this way, cell phones are inseparable from the daily life of a person, and while there may be certain downsides of this otherwise brilliant technology, these little shortcomings are too few and far in between to actually pay attention to.An opposing 13 percent of people feel that mobile technology is debilitating, and cripples healthy human interaction, as well as being a burden on mobile phone users, and society in general. That this new and advanced technology, however swish it may be, has more disadvantages than advantages is the vantage point of this sector. A further 11% are undecided, and have no say in whether they see mobile technology as a boon or a bane.

Infographic Courtesy of:, Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan. H/T Parampreet Chanana.
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