The Rocket Science Behind Going Viral - infographic

The Rocket Science Behind Going Viral - infographic
How to make your awesome content go viral? Well, it's a billion dollar question, because everyone on social media wants to know, how do I get more eyeballs, shares and comments.
Virality can skyrocket your website to the forefront of everyone's mind, but it is impossible to predict virality. Stack the deck in your favor by not making these mistakes.
Thanks to whoishostingthis team who designed this infographic - 5 Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn't Going Viral - that helps internet marketers review their content strategies against their formula for success.

Why Your Awesome Content Isn't Going Viral - infographic

Key Qualities of viral content:

Emotion is the key reason why things "catch on". Appealing to certain emotions will make content potentially more viral than others.

So how to make your content more emotionally charged?
Get the reader to question themselves. Use your headline to grab their attention and get them thinking. Always come up with a different angle. Present a different spin on the same old topic that readers see over and over again.

Content timing is crucial to whether or not it goes viral. Find the right days and times when your content is most-in demand.

Distribution can give your piece the nudge it need to get rolling. Think about your distribution channels.
Do you have any influential connection to start with? Influential connections can help give the piece exposure it may not have otherwise gotten on its own.

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