Be Wary Of These 4 Google Chrome Extensions As They Can Steal Your Sensitive Data

In a recent development, Google Chrome has warned its users to be wary of a gigantic spyware campaign which is out online to grab your private data. One of the security experts (Andrey Meshkov of Adguard) has cautioned Chrome users to stay alert while using Google extensions which they may use for popular browsers. He further said the malware can get the access to your purchase history besides securing your private information as soon as Chrome starts. Besides targeting Chrome, the spyware has penetrated in two of the Android apps as well.

Once a user’s private info in obtained, it is then sent to ‘Unimania’ - a third-party company. Reportedly, it sells data to others for cash.

According to the security expert, following are 4 foul Chrome extensions:

- Album & Photo Manager (more than 92,000 users)

- PDF Merge – PDF Files Merger (more than 125,000 users)

- Pixcam – Webcam Effects (more than 31,000 users)

- Video Downloader for Facebook (more than 170,000 users)

The aforementioned extensions comprise a total of whopping 420,000 users.

Soon after Google discovered Meshkov’s findings, it [reportedly] detached all the nasty extensions from Google Chrome store.

Meshkov has recommended the following to all Chrome users:

- For Chrome extensions, always read their privacy policy

- If you don’t trust a specific develop, never download anything made by him

- Conduct your own research regarding a certain developer

Image Source: TheSun
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