5 Reasons to Use Pinterest in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest in Your Internet Marketing Strategy
Most of the people today are dependent on internet. Surfing through their computer or smartphones. We are consuming an ocean of data in our everyday lives. Admit it or not, we are becoming less interested in reading long articles. We are now more on browsing images that is good in our eyes. And business see this as an opportunity to use Pinterest in their marketing strategy.


Pinterest is an image-based social network allowing their users to explore, manage and share images and videos from their theme-based image collections. Each user have their virtual bulletin boards where they can create their electronic pinboards for their images. It is a place for people to discover new things, browse interesting images and share the things that they love.

It has 70 millions users which is a good factor for a business to promote their products/services. Pinterest is a good way to establish a greater brand awareness and also to increase traffic to your website.


There are a lot of reasons on why business should use Pinterest with their marketing. And here are few essential reasons to check out:

Create Brand Awareness

It is obvious that business can really use Pinterest to promote their products or services with other users. Capture your current audience interests by creating beautiful and unique images to promote your brand. Let them remember your business by browsing photos and videos in your board. You can also gain new customers by doing this thing on Pinterest. Keep in mind that when you are creating images, always put them in appropriate categories and share with the right people. You can also share your customer's photo using your brand to show your followers that they trusted your business.

Increase Website Traffic

Another positive point in using Pinterest for business is it's ability to increase traffic for your website. It is very useful in building traffic and a lot of exposure for your business because every pin that you will share has an embedded link back to its original source. When you and your followers use a photo that links to your products, then you can get a high-quality backlinks for that. Not only that, you can also improve your search engine ranking by writing a concise descriptions and using the right keywords for your brand.

Engage with Users

Pinterest is all about interesting and great images. But we can also say that it is a social network at the core. Why? Because we can also engage with users, follow, comment, like and 'repin' their great stuff. It is a good platform to establish a good relationship and interact with your customers. If your followers like or comment on your photo, don't forget to thank them. You can ask them to repin your images and return the favor by sharing interesting stuff on their board.

Connect with other Social Networks

You are not just using Pinterest alone when you are promoting your brand through this website. You also have the opportunity to integrate your Pinterest to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Pushing your pins to your other social media accounts will help you redirect your customers in your Pinterest. Letting them explore more of your product/service images and videos. They can share those photos in their own FB/Twitter accounts if they want. That is the best way to gain more followers or more potential customers.

Conduct Market Research

You can improve your business marketing strategy with the use of Pinterest. It is not only about promotion and getting traffics for your website. It is also about improving the way you market your brand. You can conduct a market research by the use of this platform. How? By observing the result of your pins. You have to know if you are pinning the right images that people are looking. Are these images interest other people? Do they like it by repinning or commenting on your photos? Are you able to maintain your current customers and gain new followers? Are you targeting the right market for your products/services? Doing a good report about the result of using this platform for your business will help you a lot in achieving success for your business.


It is very simple to get started. All you have to do is go to Pinterest business page, and join as a business. Set-up your account for free! After verifying your website, you can now add the 'Pin It' or Follow' buttons to your site. Doing this will let your current and potential customers know that you are already using this social network. After signing up, you can now start creating your boards, browsing images and videos, and participate with other users on Pinterest.

Dana Kurt is an animal lover, a writer wannabe and a bookworm. She loves reading classic novels. Dana is currently a Business Marketing student who dreams to have his own pastry business in the future. She is now saving money by being a part-time research writer online.

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