Social Media Security Tips - infographic

Social Media Security Tips - infographic
Social media has become an addiction for many of us, and in fact sites likes Facebook and Twitter are the foundation of many relationships for many folks out there, but the rise of social media has also created a whole new circle of security problems, particularity malware and identity theft have a notorious history of infecting Facebook and Twitter, so protecting your social profile is very important.
Take a look at this infograph created by Security Coverage team, breaks down how to protect yourself when using social networking sites.

Some key takeaways are:
Create and use longer passwords with random characters, letters and numbers.
Use a reliable and secure anti-virus program on all your computers and online connected devices.
Backup your most important data to a remote location so you can restore your data if you are infected.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – Social Media Security Tips  infographic

infographic source: securitycoverage. Header image credit: elhombredenegro / Flickr.
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