The Value Of Instagram For Your Business

The Value Of Instagram For Your Business
Recent figures state over 75 million people use Instagram every day to post and share 55 millions photographs. These staggering statistics highlight the immensely lucrative business opportunities that can be achieved by utilizing Instagram. You can capitalize upon this massive user base through the art of modern visual marketing. Follow a few simple Instagram rules, and your business will reap the financial and advertising benefits. Take to embrace your inner photographer! Take pictures through the app, or use photos from phone. Just pick a photo, apply a filter, write a caption, add trending hashtags, mention people or tag places (like your business), and publish to your choice of social networks. See wasn't that easy?

Getting started on Instagram

When creating an Instagram account, select a username that is either the title of your business or the title of the product you wish to promote. This will make your profile easily identifiable as you expand your presence across Instagram. Similarly, utilise your business logo as your profile image in order to associate the images you post with your company brand. Ensure your account is public so that all Instagram users can view your profile and interact with your company. Provide a high quality description of your business including a link to your business website, facilitating an easily accessible connection through which users can seek your services.

Now it is time to post some images! Contemplate how you can dynamically and uniquely display your business and its products. You need to be able to convey the quality and professionalism of your services through a series of engaging and intriguing visual images. If you can grab the attention of users and sustain it, they will be more likely to investigate your profile and subsequently request your business services.

Generate exposure

Utilise this vital advertising opportunity to develop a community of followers. Once you have attracted followers using your captivating images, engage users to participate in activities surrounding your business. Encourage them to use hashtags or share photos of themselves using your products or services. The more depth and variety your followers can grant to your business, the more online exposure your business can gain. Social networking can grant your site lucrative online traffic, which ultimately transfers into a sustainable client base and an eminently profitable business.

Furthermore, this publicity can help establish a clear reputation for your business. You have a golden opportunity to carve your own niche in the market, honing your images to alter the perception of your business to a vast online market. The types of images and captions you include transform the feel and tone of your business. In today's technological society of online social networking, instant trends and online memes, a strong and unique business personality can provide a wealth of benefits for your company.

Develop your brand image

Defining this distinct business personality through Instagram enables you to build trust and a long term business relationship with a range of prospective customers. If your customers can identify with your brand, they will be more content to trust you and your services. Moreover, if your customers are pleased with your services, they will share their positive experiences with others, gaining you a wider client base as well as a strong and reputable online presence.

You can further extend this online network of customers by linking your Instagram profile to your other social networking sites. This practice is highly recommended by digital marketing agencies including Realia and Constanct Contact. You can post Instagram photos to your company's Facebook fan page or Twitter feed to promote your business and its services to an even wider audience. If you integrate as many social sites as you can, you can generate an exorbitant amount of online traffic to your business website, permitting your business to reap the benefits!

Ultimately, Instagram provides a vital opportunity to exponentially improve the reputation and online presence of your business. In today's' modern economic climate, online social networking supremacy is fundamental to the long term success of a business. Utilise Instagram to establish and develop a strong and reliable client base. Once you have gained the trust of several online followers, they will perpetuate a positive association with your business, generating you a vast amount of online publicity. This online reputation will undoubtedly benefit both the image of your business as well as your financial profits.

15 Amazing Instagram Facts - infographic by mindjumpers.

15 Amazing Instagram Facts - infographic

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