Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Blog With GooglePlus

Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Blog With GooglePlus

Google+ provides a vast interactive networking platform with lucrative personal and professional opportunities. Listed below are but three ways in which you can capitalize upon the extensive possibilities of Google+, utilizing its multiple social and business networks in order to improve the reputation of your blog as well as generating exponentially more online traffic towards it.

Sign up for Google Authorship

Google Authorship enables you to assign an author profile photo and biographical information to accompany your blog posts. As well as an author biography, you can attach additional information such as the number of Google+ circles with which you participate and links to more search results for your other related content. Subsequently, Google Authorship allows your target market to associate a profile image with all of your posts. This solidifies your posts as reputable and professional, which will undoubtedly increase traffic to your blog. This increased popularity will in turn improve your blog's ranking on search engines such as Google, and establish a reputable communication network between you and your followers.

Associate yourself with different circles and communities

On Google+ there exist multiple circles which permit you to follow and receive updates from a variety of people. You can tailor which content is delivered to each of your circles, which allows you to target certain circles with relevant content in order to sustain reader interest in your blog. These circles mean you can efficiently promote your blog specifically to your target market. Moreover, you can produce relevant posts within your blog to pique your target audience's interests. Creating your target circles in advance allows you to contemplate who you will be targeting and the particular content which you will be promoting to them. This will ultimately result in sustained long term reader interest towards your blog.

Additionally, there are a plethora of different personal and professional communities which operate on GooglePlus. This means you can easily locate a community which is relevant to your blog and interact with people who are more likely to exercise an interest in your blog posts. If you can present an extensive knowledge on your chosen topics within these communities, people will respect your intellectual authority and thus follow and share your blog. These communities offer an extremely beneficial opportunity for you to connect with your target market and significantly increase online traffic towards your blog site.

Utilise Hashtags

Google+ has recently introduced hashtags which enable you to categorize your updates, as well as allowing others to easily locate you via online searches. Therefore it is highly recommended that you incorporate tags within your blog post updates so that your target audience can locate you and easily identify the key elements of your blog posts. Use these tags to create shared, interactive categories regarding your blogs and the areas which you intend to promote. Successful businesses using Google+, such as Premier Choice Internet and Panasonic regularly implement these promotion techniques; they create a hashtag which is related to a specific product or service they offer. As a result, communities can easily locate their products and services, learn more information about them and potentially share them with others who may express a similar interest. Fundamentally these hashtags grant you the liberty to share your blog information with a larger audience, boosting your online reputation amongst a greater number of Google+ communities.

Although Twitter and Facebook dominate the social media world, and it's important to have a presence there, but you should consider the above mentioned benefits of GooglePlus as well.

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