Mobile Media Consumption Around The Globe - infographic

Mobile Media Consumption Around The Globe - infographic
With more and more content being consumed on smart devices than ever before, the folks at ourbrain put together this infographic that takes a closer look at how people around the globe are using and watching content on their mobile devices.
Drawing on a network of over 100K sites and looking at an average week, Outbrain discovered that while worldwide there are similar content consumption habits (desktop reading peaks during the day, with mobile reading dominating in the evening) there are also some key international differences.
The USA, UK and Australia are the only countries where Android is not the dominate operating system, with these English speaking countries reading much more on iOS.
Find out more in this infographic, including top 5 content categories and hourly mobile content consumption peak times.
Mobile Media Consumption Around The World - infographic

photo credit: betabeat
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