The Internet of Things: Heading Towards A Smarter Planet - infographic

The Internet of Things: Heading Towards A Smarter Planet - infographic
Internet of things (IoT) became an essential part of our everyday life and now we can't imagine our life without it. It is not only helping to get knowledge about various field but it also helps in managing one's daily lifestyle factor. It is just a global collection of networks, both big and small. In Smart devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones one can easily connect with the internet like Wi-Fi for all type of web services and to communicate with each other. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies and micro-electromechanical systems. Which showing a rapid growth and exceeds that of other connected things. The widespread adoption of the Internet of things having ability of the automatically data transfer over a network.

 IoT having a massive market value where billions of intelligent embedded devices will connect with larger computing systems without any human intervention. Also helping in growth of the things and increasing the connections between the consumers and the business industries. The IoT includes information and communications technology and it is the product of both technology and networking. Worldwide most of the developed countries are being benefited from many of the technologies used by the IoT. Advanced technologies and wireless networks all coming together to interconnecting devices and it also allows buildings, infrastructure and other resources to swap information. With all these basic info, here is an infographic by the team of Bestcomputersciencedegrees that looks at the numbers surrounding the IoT — aka, Internet of Everything (IoE).

The Internet of EveryThing: Heading Towards A Smarter Planet - infographic

photo credit: smartdesignworldwide
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