Revolutionized Marketing - The Rise Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Revolutionized Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Who knew two decades ago the way we communicate would be a most successful form of marketing today. From individual to organization and younger to older, everyone seems obsessed with social media. Social networking outlets especially Twitter, Google+ and Facebook have evolved from connection between friends and family to a medium of a communication between business and customer. Which clears that social media is not a fad anymore. It's evolving day-by-day and is here to stay longer.
In order to explain a clear image of social media marketing for business the below infographic created by Jamie Phipps illustrates how social media has been integrated into the traditional marketing mix by finding how social media marketing has been treated as a marketing tool, how social media has changed elements of the traditional marketing model, and how organizations measure the return on investment (ROI) for social media.

Revolutionized Marketing - The Rise Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
Revolutionized Marketing - The Rise Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some key stats from infographic:

Customer acquisition relies on digital world of mouth communication, 70 percent of consumers trust recommendations from their friends.
Only 34% of people under 30 get their news from television.
26 percent of consumers are complaining on social media.
The national average salary for a social media manager is $98,540.
87 percent of marketers want to understand how to measure return on investment of social media.


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