The Rocket Science Of Increasing Facebook Engagement

The Rocket Science Of Increasing Facebook Engagement
Champions keep playing until they get it right - Billie Jean King.
Have you seen some Facebook pages that have a huge following but no comments, no likes no engagement, while some with very few followers are generating lots of buzz and getting lots of replies from their fans. Well, there's no rocket science behind "Facebook engagement", neither it has any connection with your luck. All you need is to post your updates strategically, frequently and on time. For example, people love posts about technology, entertainment, social media, quotes and informative news. And if you ask short questions and fill in the blanks you are more likely to get more interaction and comment on your page. The below infographic from Quicksprout breaks down, how much traffic does Facebook generate, some engagement tips and creative ideas, best time to post, how Facebook can help grow your business and how social media managers can increase Facebook Page engagement by 275 percent.
How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275 percent - infographic

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