Facebook In Numbers - 100 Facebook Stats And Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook In Numbers - 100 Facebook Stats And Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]
Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!
Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website was born on February 4th 2004. 10 years on and the website is as strong as ever with over 01 Billion users. This number is phenomenal in itself but more so for the fact that the medium of social networking was largely unheard of until the early 2000s.
While Facebook was not the first social network on the scene, it is certainly the one that all the others emulate in terms of its size. Growing from 01 million users in 2004 to 06 million in 2005 is a notable achievement at the outset of any company. Even Google, the moguls of the online world has tried to foray into social networking in the form of Google+ to a varied reception.
Over the last 10 years there have been many changes to Facebook; some getting a better reception than others. For example, changes to the Facebook interface have often been met with initial scepticism but such changes have never affected growth or fan base. Additional features such as the ad platform and business pages are now vital ingredients to most marketing companies’ agendas.
This infographic from Dpfoc explores the fascinating 10 year history of the success story that is Facebook. It covers what the interface looked like at inception stage and also charts the popularity of the social networking medium throughout the world. A closer investigation is taken at the numbers behind the company; addressing the 2012 initial public offering (IPO) and other interesting statistics. Revenue is paramount to all companies and this is examined for Facebook in the infographic also. An interesting comparison is also covered which pitches Mark Zuckerberg’s giant with another social networking power; Twitter.

Some amazing Facebook stats from infographic:

With an income of 5.1 Billion U.S. dollars Facebook enlisted itself as the Fortune 500 company, in the world.
Facebook bought Instagram for a reputed $1 Billion in cash and stocks.
With 158,828,500 active accounts United states is the most active country on Facebook
680,000,000 people access Facebook via their mobiles.
8.3 percent of entire world's population have Facebook account.
12 out of 25 Millennials (18 - 34 old) login to Facebook account first when they wake up.
After every 20 minutes on Facebook 1.85 Million status updates and 1 Million links are being shared.
10% of all Facebook profiles are fake.
Over 45 million Facebook accounts are duplicate accounts for people wanting to keep some information hidden to those of people who forget the previous log in details.
23 million profiles are misclassified accounts (i.e. accounts that should be pages, businesses pets, locations etc.)
Over 14 million accounts are created to spread undesirable content (spam, malicious links, etc.).
30 Million Facebook accounts belong to dead people.

Featured Image by: paperartsy
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