Social Media Events That Went Viral In 2013 - infographic

Awesome things brands did on Social Media in 2013Twenty fourteen is here. Like always, companies have begun to implement new strategies and testing new tactics to grow their business. We know, we know; but we just couldn't get over how good a year 2013 was for small brands to big companies in the landscape of social media. The Oreo's Super Bowl post, Jeff Gordon's video, Van Damme's amazing performance, and so many other viral events are all definitely going down in the history of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
The last 12 months was undoubtedly full of great moments and many hot campaigns took social media by storm. And the below infographic from unmetric team presents some of the biggest social blockbusters of the 2013. They sure have set the bar high for next 12 months and beyond.

Social Media Events That Went Viral In 2013 - infographic

image by fastcocreate


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