Social Sharing And Content Engagement In 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2013: A Year Worth Sharing [Infographic]
What was the social sharing and content engagement trends in 2013? Which social network was most popular amongst users? The Addthis team has unveiled the numbers and found that social activity was up 32% in 2013. With 26 percent of increase, Facebook was the most popular sharing method globally. A 50% of surprising increase was seen in Pinterest sharing. While Blogger has seen a 64% decline in social sharing. Brazil and India saw the exceptional year over year growth in overall content engagement and social activity. Check out this infographic that takes a deeper look at the 2013's top sharing trends.

Social Media Sharing trends 2013: Pinterest Up, Facebook Down [INFOGRAPHIC]

2013: A Year Worth Sharing [Infographic]

Takeaways from infographic:
The Nelson Mandela's death was this year's most shared event. Overall, there were 2.3 Million shares on December 5th.
The Sony's PS4 drove 46% more content engagement than the Xbox One - that includes sharing and emailing.
The US Government Shutdown brought 8% more shares overall. At that time, Pinterest and Facebook spiked 30% and 11% respectively.

image by: betterwaymoms


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