Twitter - Best Practices For Shorter Tweets

Twitter - Best Practices For Shorter Tweets
Ever wondered how to perfectly write 140 characters story? Social media managers are constantly on the search for engaging tweets. But, stuffing a complete marketing tweet into 140 characters can be huge task, especially when you have a lot to say! If you're ever stuck making edits to a tweet that just won't seem to fit, check out the tips below by Pardot to trim a few characters and make your Twitter message fit.

Best Practices For Shorter Tweets - infographic - how to craft/write short tweets

Tips to Cram Tweets into 140 Characters

Find shorter synonyms - Use tool like Thsrs to find shorter synonyms for any longer words you'd like to use in your Tweets.

Avoid using "And" - Make sure that there are no places where you use the word "and". This is easily replaced with an ampersand or plus sign (+).

Lose unnecessary pronouns - Get rid of unnecessary pronouns and articles, like the words "that" and "the" wherever possible.

Find the best link shortner - While TinyURL shortens links for you, sites like and bitly actually produce even super shorter links. (Bonus Tip: remove the http:// from your links).

Substitute numbers for words - This is another easy fix if you see your character count dwindling down "One" becomes "1", and so on.

Use contractions wherever possible - You should make sure you don't have any instances of "can not" or "would not" that can be shortened to "can't" or "wouldn't".

Bonus tips: Use images to make your tweets stand out. Drop vowels from certain words and use common abbreviations where possible. Just be careful not to sound like a texting teenager.
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