How Social Recommendations can Affect Businesses - #infographic

How Social Recommendations can Affect Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]
Internet and social networking sites have given consumers an opportunity to react publicly about brands and products they like or not. That's why, people trust product recommendations from other people more than they trust traditional media/advertising channels. Thus, customer recommendations and reviews are becoming an incredibly important objective for many businesses. This infographic by SocialMediaLink takes a deeper look into how many reviews does a consumer need to see before purchasing a product or service? What are the most trusted social platforms? Why consumer share product experience online? Which resources impacts purchase-decision most? What do people value most in a review? And more.

Key takeaways

Facebook friends are an important part in product discovery, research and conversion. As part of your brand's strategy, make sure to allow consumers to easily share with Facebook community.

When encouraging your consumers to share, look for those who have had a great experience with your brand.

Rather than trying to push brand messaging through your consumers, focus on encouraging them to share their personal stories.

Rather than focus on the overall number of recommendations for your brand, concentrate instead on how to generate content that will have the strongest impact.

When developing an influencer strategy for your brand, don't forget about your consumer influencers; mobilize advocates to share within their close social circles.

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