4 Ways That Smartphones and GPS Are Changing Business

Smartphones are incredibly popular and gaining steam worldwide, and they're altering the way we do business. Even more so, they're changing our understanding of technologies that have been around much longer than smartphones themselves.

Here are four ways we see smartphones and GPS technologies changing business as we know it.

1. Old technologies utilized

Global positioning systems (GPS) have been in development and in use for more than 40 years, but the advent of smartphones has raised the bar on how people employ GPS. Integration with maps, and structural transportation, for instance, are now possible for all kinds of businesses and consumer applications, using the traditional global positioning system technologies.

2. Connection

Although text messaging and cellular phones initiated a higher level of connecting people to people, or at least a higher level of people's availability for connection, it's the advent of smartphones that has lifted connectivity to a new level. In large part, this is due to social media and social networking, which have offered incentives to increase connections between people, as well as interactions.

And the staggering number of people who use Facebook on their mobile phones, is all the proof you need, regarding this phenomenon!

3. Everyone has become a news reporter

Thanks to the cameras in smartphones, the speed of data networks, and the GPS systems to verify the location of a photograph or message, the cycle and style of news reporting has shifted. It's become even faster, and reaches everywhere, thanks to rapid-communication sites like Twitter or Reddit.

Traditional news organizations are now somewhat relegated to the function of curating the content, and helping reduce it for readers, as well as making sense of it.

4. Logistics

GPS has been around a bit longer than smartphones, but because the latter utilize GPS technologies and affect billions of people's lives, businesses have finally grasped the range of uses for GPS. Consumers who also have business careers are realizing that it's become possible to track pretty much anything that moves.

And that affects every aspect of operations for companies that deal with moving parts and logistics, whether it's a transportation management system or a fleet of delivery vehicles. It's possible to track them all, and use software and cloud-based management systems to employ that data in a way that saves time and money, and earns both as a result!
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