How To Create A Memorable Video [2 INFOGRAPHICS]

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures (but not all videos are presented equally). So want to know how to make a video memorable? How to use video to tell your story effectively? Here are some tips in two infographics that can help you get on your way to make your videos go viral.
Make Your Video Memorable: The Power of a Story by Jlbmedia
Make Your Video Memorable: The Power of a Story

Key takeaways

Don't get stuck in the details - This can muddle the story and the core message. Focus on only what the audience needs to know.
Know your audience - Depending on who will watch the video, the story can (and should) change. 
Keep it short - With all the media that exist today, people have short attention spans so use as little time as possible to get your message across. 
End with impact - Make sure the ending is impactful as it can determine whether or not your audience will recall the message.
Make it resonate with your audience - Stories are more memorable when you can relate to the story being told.

4 steps to make your Video Effective by Oneproductions
4 steps to make your Video Effective

Key takeaways

Your title should be striking, relevant and exciting. Write down a precise description about what you expect in the video. Share your videos on social media to get more exposure. Listen, what your customers wants.

image by: coolbusinessideas
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