How Brands Can Appeal To Millennials On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Brands Can Appeal To Millennials On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
Millennials or Generation Y, the most marketing and social media savvy generation ever, are defined as those born from the early eighties to the 2000. Did you know that 53 percent of millennials use Facebook as a source of their entertainment, while 57 percent of them follow a brand on social networking sites exclusively for free stuff like product's coupon, offers and competitions. Moreoever 68 percent don't like websites or apps using "Facebook Connect" to share accounts details, millennials like companies on social media that they know enough about to be able to identify with, but they don't want to be bombarded with too much postings. Want to know what do they expect from brands on social media, check out this visual by Render Positive team that highlights four ways brands and businesses can appeal to millennials on their favorite social media.

Ways Brands can Appeal to Millennials on Social Media - infographic
Ways Brands can Appeal to Generation Y on Social Media - infographic

image by: businessinsider


  1. Great infographic. On the posting aspect, I tend to monitor the one that get the best click and remove the odd ones from the queue, I also noticed that too much posting it just the worst marketing tactics ever.

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