Three New Rules Of Customer Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Three New Rules Of Customer Engagemnet [INFOGRAPHIC]
With 2.4 Billion ongoing, brand-related conversations among American consumers daily, it's time for companies to think beyond the "customer-centric" marketing model. After all, customers can also be brand ambassadors, PR allies, lead-generation resources, and partners in promotion. ready to engage your customers on a journey from prospects to promoter it's not too difficult, once you understand how the rules have drastically changed. Check out this visualization from SAP on customer engagement.

Three New Rules Of Customer Engagemnet [INFOGRAPHIC]
Key takeaways

Marketing - You can influence what people say about your brand, but you can no longer own the conversation. Enable your marketing team to embrace the dialogue dynamic.

Sales - In order to stay relevant to customers, it's no longer sufficient to know your products, services, and differentiators. Understand your customer's unique challenges. Bring them new approaches for achieving business objectives or making their lives better.

Service - Know more about your customers than they know about you. Keep aware of what customers prefer and need from you to become brand promoters.

Customers can become either brand detractors or advocates. Apply the new rules of customer engagement, provide unparalleled customer experiences, and help lead more customers on a journey from prospect to promoter.

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