Facebook Fishing Guide for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Fishing Guide for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]
Your Facebook fans are just like a fish, they will scatter and dive deep at the hint of a sales pitch, therefore you must carefully apply a strategic approach to catch them all. So how to reel in your customers on Facebook and how to catch the big fishes? Check out this cool infographic by post planner team titled fishing on Facebook a guide for businesses.

Facebook Fishing Guide for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Get distracted - With all the junk in the pond, it's no wonder fan lose attention.
Lose interest - Fans love shiny new objects! They don't want to see the same thing over and over again.
Must be patient - remember: You're in it for the long haul. All god things take time.
Must be savvy - Knowing the best bait and chumming techniques is key.
Strategic thinking - Try to see the pond through the fish's eyes. If you think like a fan, you'll catch more fans!
Chum the waters - Post engaging content 50% of the time.
Add the baited hooks - Post links to your website 50% of the time.

Because of Facebook's news feed algorithm, the more clicks your engaging posts get today, the more visibility (and clicks) your website links will get tomorrow.
Once fans are addicted to your posts, they'll likely click through to your website, read your blog, try your free products... and eventually pay you!
Getting fans hooked is one thing. But if you're not reeling them in in to a website that converts, then it won't matter how many bites you get.

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